Approach and Philosophy

Our program is intentionally stratified into beginner, intermediate and advanced classes which allow us to meet the needs of all of our clients.
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What We Offer

We design fitness programs for a diverse clientele based on their desired results.
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Nutritional Approach

Our trainers have experience helping clients navigate the transition from the standard American diet to the Paleo lifestyle.
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Discover how the 4Balance will translate into benefiting your daily life.
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  • Saturday/ Sunday – March 8th-9th

    Workout I- Partners Run while partner holds Front Rack Position Burpees while partner holds Bar Overhead Thrusters while partner holds Deadlift position Workout II- With a running clock AMRAP: KB Swing AMRAP: Push Ups AMRAP: Box Jump AMRAP: Jump Rope AMRAP: Pull Ups WEEKEND HOMEWORK Rest Day A.* Try Yoga or make an appointment with […]

  • Friday, March 7th – Strength & Conditioning

    Pre-Game – DYNAMIC WARMUP Rollout Hamstrings MB Carry Duck Walk Iron Cross Rollover to V Sit Sideways Wall Squat Plank Single Leg Hop PERFORMANCE METCON In teams of two, complete as many rounds and reps as possible: Run Box Jumps Wall Ball Post Game – MOBILITY Downward Dog Pigeon

  • Thursday, March 6th – Strength & Conditioning

    Pre-Game – DYNAMIC WARMUP Rollout quads Skater Spiderman Lunge Inchworm Bear Crawl Heel Walk and Toe Walk Deadman Hang Knee Hug to Lunge 1st Half – METCON AMRAP DB Cleans Sit Ups Jump Rope 2nd Half – STRENGTH Single Arm Row Hollow Rock Wall Climbs Post Game – MOBILITY Rollout quads Cobra

  • Wednesday, March 5th – Strength & Conditioning

    Pre-Game – DYNAMIC WARMUP Rollout back and triceps Iron Cross Sideways Wall Squat Sideways Wall Split Dowel Sots Press Front Dowel Sots Press Back Arm Circles and Torso Rotations 1st Half – METCON EMOM Even minutes – KB Swings Odd minutes – Burpees 2nd Half – STRENGTH Squat Ring Rows Plank from Elbows Post Game […]