4Balance Team


The 4Balance Team invests a lot of time and effort in developing unique programming and experiences for our guests. Each team member has their specialties and lend a great deal to the entire 4Balance Fitness Experience!

About Michael

Michael “Fitness Ninja” Cole is the owner/operator of 4Balance Fitness Experience and a Level 1 certified Crossfit coach. Micheal’s lifelong desire to be healthy and fit started early in life when his father purchased a weight set at age 5. That action led him to start watching fitness programs on ESPN at age 8. He competed as a two sport athlete in football and baseball until injuries forced him off the field while studying Health and Exercise Science at Furman University. He began working in gyms learning different training styles, theories, business practices and putting his education to work. Michael then obtained an associates degree as a Licensed Massage Therapist and began working in the physical therapy field assisting in patient rehabilitation. When injuries ended his playing career, a competitive void needed to be filled. He filled this void by entering the sports entertainment industry. In 12 years as a professional wrestler, he has wrestled for the WWE, TNA(Murphy), NWA and Puerto Rico’s IWA(Mikael Judas). While traveling as a professional wrestler, Michael received his Bachelors in Science in Nutrition Science from Kaplan University, which he uses to counsel 4Balance clients. He draws upon his diverse experiences and athletic background when constructing the 4Balance workouts, be it for the popular group fitness classes or personal training. Michael works with a wide variety of clients, however his passion is pushing an “Average Joe” to set personal records because “anyone can train a Division I athlete”. Due to his diverse experiences, Michael is able to bring a unique understanding of people, goal setting, achievement, and motivation to his coaching. He knows achieving one’s goals in health and fitness can be difficult, but believes anything is possible with the right resources, programming, and motivation. With an eclectic background and rich steeping in fitness and nutrition Michael is able to coach a variety of clients with phenomenal results. He brings an understanding of teamwork, motivation and goal setting/completion to his coaching with remarkable results.

About Meg

Meg “Megzilla” Trask is a Level 1 certified Crossfit coach who recently relocated from Hartford, CT with her husband and two children. She was a personal trainer at a small fitness studio specializing in women’s only bootcamps and one on one training. Upon arriving in the Greenville area in 2011, she joined 4Balance as a member and fell in love with the community atmosphere. 4Balance changed Meg’s view on health and nutrition and helped her reach goals she never thought were possible. In the fall of 2011, she joined the 4Balance team as a personal trainer hoping to change the lives of others. As a mother of two small children, Meg understands how difficult it can be to make time to get back into shape, but with the right kind of support and motivation, anything is possible! She has a Bachelor of Science in Management and Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. In her spare time, Meg enjoys golf, hiking and spending time with her family.

About Samantha

Samantha “The Muscle Hamster” Cook’s interest in health and fitness led her to join 4Balance as a member in 2011. The combination of full functional movements, resistance training and skilled coaching at 4Balance fueled her love for fitness and love of helping people. In 2012, “The Muscle Hamster” joined the 4Balance team as a personal trainer. Samantha changed her life and now she wants to change yours! Samantha has long history as a competitive swimmer that sent her to the state championships 3 years in a row. She loves following the Paleo lifestyle and has a passion for cooking and creating new delicious recipes. Her alter ego has a business degree in finance from Valdosta State University that she uses as a Personal Banker.  You can see her story and delicious recipes at http://passion4paleo.blogspot.com/.

About Cheryl

Cheryl “Cher” Power is a native of Greenville and started with 4Balance as a client 5 years ago. She believes “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” When you aren’t seeing Cheryl leaving her passion for fitness on the gym floor, she is expressing it as the Marketing and Events Coordinator for 4Balance. With 10+ years of experience in event coordination and 5+ years of experience in marketing, Cheryl exudes creativeness and enthusiasm in every challenge given to her by the Fitness Ninja. Cheryl remains very active in the community and has witnessed the positive impact of health and fitness. Cheryl’s drive to grow 4Balance Fitness makes her role as Marketing and Events Coordinator valuable not only to the business, but to clients. When “Cher” isn’t working out, running, cooking, dancing, reading and shopping she is acting as a personal assistant to the Fitness Ninja.

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