AKA The Fitness Ninja

Michael is the owner/operator of 4Balance Fitness Experience and NSCA and a Level 1 Crossfit coach. Michael’s lifelong desire to be healthy and fit started early in life when his father purchased a weight set at age 5. That action led him to start watching fitness programs on ESPN at age 8. He competed as a two sport athlete in football and baseball at Furman University while obtaining a B.S. in Health and Exercise until injuries forced him off the field.


He began working in gyms learning different training styles, theories, business practices and putting his education to work. Michael then obtained an associates degree as a Licensed Massage Therapist and began working in the physical therapy field assisting in patient rehabilitation while obtaining more knowledge about the body from respected people in the medical field.


However, a void needed to be filled. He filled this void by entering the sports entertainment industry, as a professional wrestler in 1999. He has wrestled for the WWE, TNA(Murphy), NWA and Puerto Rico’s IWA(Mikael Judas). While traveling the world entertaining fans, Michael received his B.S. in Nutrition Science, which he uses to provide meal plans for his clients.


Michael draws upon his diverse experiences and athletic background when constructing the 4Balance programming, be it for the popular group fitness classes or personal training. Michael works with a wide variety of clients, however his passion is pushing an “Average Joe” to set personal records because “anyone can train a Division I athlete”.


Michael is able to bring a unique understanding of people, goal setting, achievement, and motivation to his coaching. He knows achieving one’s goals in health and fitness can be difficult, but believes anything is possible with the right resources, programming, and motivation. With an eclectic background and rich steeping in fitness and nutrition Michael is able to coach a variety of clients with phenomenal results. He brings an understanding of teamwork, motivation and goal setting/completion to his coaching with remarkable results.


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